Our story

Let's be frank. We are also users of Hero, because we know our software is the best tool in the industry. At Hero Imaging we have a passionate team of experienced researchers. We are stubborn and don’t always agree but our common vision ensures that we always find the best way forward.

Our backgrounds range from clinical researchers to specialists in applied machine learning which give us both the experience of imaging challenges, and the knowledge to conquer them. Our paths crossed at Umeå University. Our common denominator was that we experienced the same challenge – we all solved problems with code but had no common platform to share functions and pipelines. Over time our mutual challenge grew into a shared vision of how to build a modern research infrastructure for the medical imaging community. We want to remove bottlenecks so you can truly leverage your skills and creativity – ultimately contributing to healthier patients.

Our mission is to simplify advanced medical image analysis for anyone who needs to harness the information and power in medical images. Simply put – your mind, our code.

The people

Simon Lindgren M.Sc.

Chief Executive Officer

Business development expert

XC Skier

Patrik Brynolfsson Ph.D.

MRI Physicist and image analysis expert

Long distance runner

Joakim Jonsson Ph.D.

Radiotherapy and image analysis expert

Musician and photographer

Mattias Berglund M.Sc.

Medical engineer and coding expert

Constructional engineer

Anders Garpebring Ph.D.

MRI and computational physics expert

Salsa dancer

Tufve Nyholm Prof.

Medical physics expert

Belgian beer connoisseur

Tommy Löfstedt Ph.D.

Computer scientist and AI expert

Attila Simko M.Sc.

Computer scientist and AI expert

Cinematic enthusiast

Collaborate with us

We are convinced that having close collaborations with the research community is good for everyone. Therefore, we are very happy to collaborate with organisations or companies that can make a difference in medical imaging. We know from experience that these collaborations create great value; on a personal level, for the research community, and anyone striving to make this world a little bit better. 

Do you have an idea for a mutual collaboration?

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