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Hero is a graphical programming platform that enables complex image analysis.

Image analysis made easy.

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the curious researcher persistently striving for new solutions, the  developer building and adapting novel technologies, the clinician devoting free time to pursue breakthroughs.

To all you heroes who make this world a little bit better, healthier and brighter.

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Effortless, robust, and adaptable. Our platform enables users to seamlessly construct image processing pipelines by integrating predefined operations, all within an intuitive visual programming interface.

Build a workflow

Visual programming is the core of Hero Imaging. Designing a workflow is trivially easy and extremely fast using drag-and-drop, with hundreds of functions available at your fingertips. Try out new ideas and compare different approaches to quickly determine the best solution to any challenge.

Import code and AI

Create custom plugin nodes to run Python code (Matlab coming soon) directly from Hero, with full debugging support.

Import neural networks into Hero and access cutting edge functionality with drag-and-drop simplicity. The best part is that you can easily share networks and plugins with other users.

Stay in the loop

Seamless integration into the DICOM ecosystem. Forget about USB and portable hard drives – it’s all about simplicity and efficiency. Hero also allows you to organise data into private or shared databases, simplifying collaborations and data structuring.

Supporting community

Participate in discussions, ask for tips or share your knowledge, nodes or workflows with other users.

Built for collaboration

Hero has been constructed to facilitate collaboration - within and between teams. Users can easily share workflows, AI models and bespoke plugins with colleagues and partners. Hero also comes with efficient database tools to make your projects run smoothly.

Great science is meant to be shared. We're happy to show you how it works and how it can leverage your projects.

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Published heroes

New, successful ideas drive us forward as a society. We proudly serve imaging heroes around the globe that strive to make the world a better place. Please let us know if your acts of heroism aren’t listed.


Don´t take our word for it

Take a second to listen to other heroes, and how we've leveraged their work.

This is a high-end framework to register and analyze multimodal medical image information. Hero allows us to assess potential new image diagnostic tools in a professional environment where both the simplicity of an idea and the complexity of its implementation needs to be considered.

Eirik Malinen 🇳🇴
Professor in medical physics, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Using Hero for data evaluation is highly appealing to students and researchers, as it involves little start-up difficulties. The graphical way of programming the analysis comes naturally.

Peter Kuess 🇦🇹
Phd, Department of Radiotherapy, Medical University of Vienna

Previously we either used a number of radiotherapy applications to piece together the required approach, or utilised other, less intuitive proprietary programming environments to perform image analysis. Hero Imaging provides a single interface which, so far, has solved all our image and data analysis requirements.

Hazel McCallum 🇬🇧
Consultant Clinical Scientist, Northern Centre for Cancer Care, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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